Benfica Stadium: Embrace the Splendor and Legacy of Portugal's Iconic Football Venue

Experience Lisbon's football history at Benfica Stadium (Estádio da Luz), the home ground of S.L. Benfica. Opened in 2003, this football stadium has a seating capacity of 64,642 and has a UEFA category...

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With 86 major trophies, Benfica stands as the most decorated club in Portugal. Among their victories are 38 Primeira Liga titles, 26 Taça de Portugal triumphs, 7 Taça da Liga championships, 9 Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira wins, and 3 Campeonato de Portugal titles. Since 2003, Benfica has called Benfica Stadium their home ground.

Estádio da Luz or Benfica Stadium was built as a venue for the UEFA Euro 2004 tournament held in Portugal. Serving as one of the tournament's key locations, the stadium hosted numerous matches, including the highly anticipated final showdown between Greece and Portugal.

Benfica Stadium has a distinctive retractable roof, setting it apart from other stadiums. This innovative feature enables the venue to accommodate events in diverse weather conditions, with the flexibility to swiftly open or close the roof, ensuring a seamless sporting experience for spectators.

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Why Visit Benfica Stadium?

Benfica Stadium Tickets
  • Sporting Heritage: The Benfica Stadium holds a special place in Portuguese and European football history. As the home of S.L. Benfica football club, the stadium has witnessed many legendary Champions League and international football matches.
  • Breathtaking Atmosphere: Witness a game at the Benfica Stadium to truly appreciate its size and ambience. The matchday atmosphere in the stadium is like a carnival featuring over 64,000 passionate people.
  • Modern Marvel: Unlike many stadiums in Europe, the Benfica Stadium is befitting of a 21st-century sporting arena. It boasts state-of-the-art facilities that help fans enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable matchday experience.
  • Open Daily: The Benfica Stadium is open daily. As a result, you can also visit on non-match days to explore the seating area, dressing room, player's tunnel, and hallowed pitch.
  • Know Benfica’s History: As the Benfica Stadium is open daily, you can visit whenever you can and experience the arena. The stadium also has a museum housing Benfica’s trophy collection. You’ll also find memorabilia and interactive exhibits.

What’s Inside

Benfica Stadium Tickets

Watch a Football Game

The Benfica Stadium is one of Portugal’s and Europe’s top football stadiums. It hosts Portuguese league and European games, with 64,000+ fans producing a sensational atmosphere. You can book a weekday or weekend ticket and see the Benfica Stadium come alive. Champions League games, held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, are special in the stadium, with teams from Europe’s finest leagues travelling to the stadium.

Benfica Stadium Tickets

Stadium Tour

Visit on non-match days to tour the Benfica Stadium. Matchdays are packed and access to certain areas of the stadium is restricted, making non-match days better for exploring the stadium. You can visit the stadium and get a guided tour of various sections, like the players’ tunnel, dressing room, seating area, etc.

Benfica Stadium Tickets

Explore the Museum

S.L. Benfica boasts a rich and vibrant history. The club was founded in 1904, making it one of the oldest clubs in Portugal and Europe. Located in the stadium, the club’s museum gives insight into its history and learn how S.L. Benfica made its way to the top of Portuguese and European football. The museum shows the club's trophy collection and memorabilia.

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Shop at the Megastore

S.L. Benfica is one of the most popular clubs in Portugal and Europe. The team has millions of worldwide fans who follow the club’s daily activities and matches. You can show your support to the club by grabbing the exclusive kit, merchandise, and souvenirs from the club’s Megastore located in the stadium.

History of Benfica Stadium

Benfica Stadium Tickets

The Benfica Stadium, in its current form, has been home to S.L. Benfica since 2004. Estádio da Luz was called the Estádio de Carnide until 2003. The old stadium was constructed in 1953, with Benfica playing the first game in the stadium in December 1954 against arch-rivals Porto. They lost the game 3-1, but it heralded a new journey for the club.

The stadium could seat around 50,000 at the time before the capacity was increased to 80,000 in 1960. Further expansion occurred in 1985, bringing the stadium’s capacity to over 120,000, making it the largest stadium in Europe. Estádio de Carnide hosted its only European Cup final in 1992, as AS Monaco beat Werder Bremen 2-0.

Six years later, the stadium’s capacity was decreased to 78,000 due to the all-seater design. The need for change was again felt in 2003 as Portugal was awarded the Euro 2004 hosting rights. It resulted in the complete demolition of the old stadium to make way for the Estádio da Luz in its current form.

The Architecture of Benfica Stadium

The old Benfica Stadium, inaugurated on 1 December 1954, was built by architect João Simões (1908-1995). While the capacity was increased later, Simões’s structure and design remained intact.

It was only demolished in 2002 with the construction of the new stadium. Finished in 2004, the Estádio da Luz, in its current form, is a modern stadium fit for 21st-century football games. The stadium’s roof, inspired by the wings of an eagle, which is S.L. Benfica’s symbol is a striking feature. It is constructed with lightweight materials and covers the entire seating area.

Clean lines and a sleek facade dominate Estádio da Luz’s exterior, with the circular shapes allowing optimal viewing angles from all fans. Large glass panels on the exterior provide natural light to pass through and provide views of Lisbon.

Frequently Asked Questions About Benfica Stadium

What is Benfica Stadium?

Benfica Stadium is the home of Portuguese football giants S.L. Benfica.

Where is Benfica Stadium?

Benfica Stadium is located at Av. Eusébio da Silva Ferreira, 1500-313 Lisboa, Portugal | Find on Map.

What is Benfica Stadium famous for?

Benfica Stadium is famous because it holds incredible history as the home of S.L. Benfica.

Why should I visit Benfica Stadium?

You should visit Benfica Stadium to experience the matchday atmosphere and explore the players’ tunnel, dressing room, etc.

How do I book tickets to visit Benfica Stadium?

You can book tickets to visit Benfica Stadium online.

How much does it cost to visit Benfica Stadium?

Benfica Stadium tickets cost €11.99.

Who built Benfica Stadium?

HOK Sport Venue Event built the new Benfica Stadium.

Who designed/built Benfica Stadium?

HOK Sport Venue Event designed the new Benfica Stadium in 2003.

When did Benfica Stadium open?

The new Benfica Stadium opened in 2003.

What’s inside Benfica Stadium?

Benfica Stadium has over 64,000 seats, a players’ dressing room, a tunnel, a club museum, and the Megastore.

What are the Benfica Stadium opening hours?

Benfica Stadium is open daily from 10 AM to 6 PM.